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  • Shipsan for Spray Superchlorination  - Spray Method 25 Litre Poly drum
  • SUPER-CHLORINATION SPRAY APPLICATION Shipsan® (25 Litres) for Potable Water Tanks, spray application for fast treatment.
  • Fast, better efficacy, non-corrosive, Cost effective in use - no waiting time, instant results, easy to use. Ask for data sheet or download at http://www.shipsan.co.uk/drinking-or-potable-water-safety-plan/super-chlorination-spray-method-using-shipsan/Super-chlorination using Shipsan® – Spray Method – fast and efficient,
  • Radically reduces the procedure time • Huge saving in Disposal Costs • Saves valuable ship timeIt is ideal for use in water hygiene storage tanks and pipe work treatment applications, where it quickly eradicatesLegionella, Pseudomonas and other microbes. Available in 25L, 200L, 1,000L IBC’s.
  • Tank clean (MGN 397); “To be opened up, emptied, ventilated and inspected and thoroughly cleaned, recoated as necessary, aired and refilled with clean freshwater chlorinated to a concentration of 0.2ppm free chlorine. The cleaning process should include disinfection.” 

1 Clean and rinse the tank and pump out residue.

2 Dilute 1 litre Shipsan to 20 litres of deionised water (200 ppm free-chlorine).

3 Spray all surfaces with Shipsan® (diluted as above) and leave for a few minutes to Superchlorinate/Disinfect.

4 Rinse the surface and pump out residue.

5 When using Shipsan spray method for super-chlorinating the freshwater tanks consideration should be given to the distribution system;

Hydrophore System: Using a Hydrophore system: The hydrophore tank requires a solution of 200ppm (Measured as Free Chlorine) Shipsan is then used to sanitise the distribution system, operating all outlets to ensure the chlorination is achieved at all points, followed by flushing after 30 minutes. (200ppm Shipsan = 1 Litre Shipsan to 20 Litres de-ionised water).

Positive Pressure Pump System: Using a positive pressure pump system direct feed from the fresh water tank. After Super-Chlorinating the fresh water tank using Shipsan as above procedure,use a cofferdam to supply the pump inlet pipework should be filled with a solution of 200ppm (Measured as Free Chlorine) Shipsan to be used to sanitise the distribution system, operating all outlets to ensure the chlorination is achieved at all points followed by flushing after 30 minutes. (1 Litre Shipsan to 20 Litres de-ionised water).

6 Refill the tank to achieve typically 0.2ppm – 0.5ppm. (As per the levels indicated in your Water Safety Plan) using Shipsan. Test the water for free chlorine.

Shipsan is available online at  www.aquamarinedirect.co.uk or call 01684 290077

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Shipsan for Spray Superchlorination - Spray Method 25 Litre Poly drum

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