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Fuel Treatment

Fuel Treatment

Marine Fuel Treatment Product

Todays marine fuels face the same issues as your car, to reduce emissions the fuel quality has been compromised and it is often the case that the engines under-perform.  Our range of products compensate for the removal of essential elements that are needed in marine engines.  Often the first sign are a sticky residue on engine parts and the blocking of filters causing gross inefficiency and ultimately loss of power and breakdown.

Fuel Biocide for Boats - Aquabac 80 - 250ml

Fuel Biocide for Boats Aquabac 80 is a concentrated marine biocide for the treatment of MBC. The tre..

£12.40 Ex Tax: £10.33

Fuel Dipslide Test Kit

Fuel Dipslide Test Kit Contains 10 x Dipslides and instruction leaflet Bacterial testing of systems ..

£21.88 Ex Tax: £18.23

Marine Fuel Catalyst Combustion Improver Treatment 250ml

Marine Fuel Catalyst Combustion Improver Treatment Highly concentrated mixture of additives and low ..

£13.12 Ex Tax: £10.93

MBC Marine Fuel oil est Kit COMBO

MBC Fuel Test Kit COMBO - treats up to 5 tonnes Kit Contains:   10 Dipslides plus 250ml Fu..

£28.20 Ex Tax: £23.50

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