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Bilge Treatments and Cleaners

  • Bilge Buster   - Oil Bioremediation – stops toxic smells, gets rid of waste oil and grease in the bilge. Saves money on disposal costs, changes waste oil and hydrocarbons into H2O and CO2! Each Aquamarine Bilge Buster® contains a blend of class I (Between Class 1 and 4, class 1 being the safest type) oil digesting bacteria. The pillow immediately absorbs any free oil within the surface water and is capable of absorbing up to 14 times its weight in oil - the equivalent to 9 litres. Over a 4 month period each standard size pillow has an estimated potential to change 18 kgs of oil into CO2 and water Aquamarine Bilge Buster® floats on the surface absorbing and digesting oil, reducing discharges, BOD and COD. After use each pillow should be disposed of as hazardous waste since hydrocarbon deposits may still be present although the oil should be reduced to carbon Dioxide and water.
  • Bilge Cleaner -Natural Zest- the best and most popular for good reason!  the environmental answer to effective cleaning. Manufactured from citrus pulp, its natural and safe.  Biodegradable, it is extremely effecient in use and readily water rinseable. The natural pleasant citrus odour is an added bonus.  It also forms self-splitting emulsions for ease of disposal specifically for marine bilges.
  • Aquawash - can be used for all ship cleaning applications including bilge!  Our best all-round product.  Can also be used in a pressure washer and ultrasonic tank.



Bilge & Multi-Cleaner - (Nat Zest) - 4 X 5 Litre pack

Natural Zest is a Bilge and multi-aplication Cleaner  making it the perfect degreaser choice on..

£91.54 Ex Tax: £76.28

Aquawash Ship & Marine Degreaser - 25 Litre pack

Water-based Degreaser, tank cleaner & multi-task general purpose water-based degreaser and Ultra..

£83.40 Ex Tax: £69.50

Bilge Buster Cleaner and Treatment Boom

A new approach to reducing oil discharges/residues in marine bilges Oil Bioremediation – stops tox..

£119.00 Ex Tax: £99.17

Bilge Cleaner (Nat Zest) - 25 Litre pack

Natural Zest Bilge and Multi-application Cleaner 25 Ltr The environmental answer to effective cleani..

£105.62 Ex Tax: £88.02

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