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Shipsan Surface & Water Hygiene

Shipsan Surface & Water Hygiene


We provide a range of products designed to tackle the increasing risks associated with sickness and infection on board.  

Infection on river or sea-going commerical or private leisurecraft can be much more likely than we might like to think. All forms of infection on board point to a breach in infection control and usually point to an area of lapse in house-keeping.  Infections on boardmost often will include mean Norovirus or Gastroenteritis, the common cold and not so often but in warm climates the damp sea atmosphere or close boat or leisurecraft confines makes Legionnaires' Disease a prime consideration.  Shipsan® Sterilant is ideal for use in water systems, for final stage sterilisation in all areas on the ship. Check out our products tab at the top of the page for specifics or call us today on 00 44 (0) 1684 290077 or email us.  

Products for use in confined spaces where hygiene is so important in the galley, toilet areas and living quarters.  Rails and table tops also need to be kept bacteria free to eliminate the possibility of infection on board.  Aquamarine Direct can produce your water safety plan for you and provide all you need to keep your Drinking/Potable water safe for clients or owners.  We cover all aspects from ice machines to laundry areas where hygiene has to be carefully monitored.  We provide necessary training, posters and products.


Galley Food Hygiene Poster 2017/18

Poster to comply with current Food Safety Hygiene Directives associates with food hygiene including ..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Potable Water (Drinking Water) Posters (set of 5)

Set of 5 posters to comply with  ILO, WHO 2011 3rd Edition Guide to Ship Sanitation, MLC2006, A..

£39.59 Ex Tax: £32.99

Hose coupling & Tap Spray - Shipsan (1 x 500 ml)

Shipsan Hose Coupling & Freshwater equipment Spray Sterilant 500 ml Spray 99.9999% effective ..

£11.12 Ex Tax: £9.27

Shipsan Critical Area Spray Sterilant 6 x 500 ml

Shipsan Hard Surface Spray Sterilant 500 ml Spray   99.9999% effective killing power KILL..

£43.54 Ex Tax: £36.28

Shipsan for Spray Superchlorination - Spray Method 25 Litre Poly drum

SUPER-CHLORINATION SPRAY APPLICATION Shipsan® (25 Litres) for Potable Water Tanks, spray applicati..

£221.40 Ex Tax: £184.50

shipsan Galley Spray Sterilant (1 x 500 ml)

Shipsan Galley Hard Surface Spray Sterilant 500 ml Spray 99.9999% effective killing power ..

£11.12 Ex Tax: £9.27

Shipsan Potable Water Treatment - For Pipes, Hoses, Shower-Heads & Shock Dose Sterilant 25 Litre

Shipsan Potable Water Treatment is better, faster and more effective than any other known product..

£221.40 Ex Tax: £184.50

Shipsan Potable Water Treatment 4 x 5 litres

http://shipsan Shipsan Potable Water Treatment 4 x 5 Litres. It can be used in tank and pipe..

£179.52 Ex Tax: £149.60

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