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Aquamarine Direct - small & large packs to suit your needs.

Merchant Ships: Aquamarine Direct is the web shop for Aquamarine Chemicals supplying specialist chemicals since 1992 to cruise ships, ferries, tankers, bulk carriers, merchant, MOD tugs, ferries, cargo vessels & the marine offshore industry.

To take advantage of more commercial prices and for an order-on-line-account which automatically applies any discounts applicable to your own account.   Our system  simplifies the order process.  Ask today email or call 01684 290077 or email us.

Leisure Boats: We also supply handy sized packs to the leisure industry for seagoing,  riverboat, barge, tug, yacht & super-yachts for complete maintenance, including decks, hull, galley, boat toilet systems, fuel treatments and bilge products.  

Technical Support: We provide full technical support for our full product range. We maintain a strategy for environmental protection by use of the most advanced products available suitable for the application to comply with the ever-increasing environmental demands on ships and boats, protecting the inland waterways & our oceans.

Company registration No. 2715639

Bayer-Wood Technologies Limited,
Aquamarine is a Division of Bayer-Wood Technologies Limited

ISO Accreditations

Aquamarine is ISO9001certified for manufacture, formulation and design of products and ISO9002 for distribution.

Aquamarine is also  ISO14001 Accredited.