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Drinking Water/Freshwater

Drinking Water/Freshwater

Aquamarine offers a full range of products which enable you to comply with the regulations that state that you must provide clean and hygienic drinking water for you crew and passengers.  For a complete service we do this through our Shipsan service.  Please ask or continue to our shop where you will find all you need.

Chlorine Purification Tablets for Drinking/Potable & Freshwater 100 tabs pack

Drinking Water Treatment Chlorination/Purification and Sterilisation Tablets 1 tablet will dose 600 ..

£19.99 Ex Tax: £16.66

Drinking Water Test Kit (free-chlorine+pH) (regulation compliant)

Potable Water Test Kit to assist with the compliance of the current IHR (2005), ILO 178 (2009)&..

£108.00 Ex Tax: £90.00

Free Chlorine High Range Drinking Water Test Kit (HR) 0-250 ppm

High Range 0-250 ml Free Chorine, typically used for super-chlorination when drinking water tanks ar..

£177.60 Ex Tax: £148.00

Free Chlorine LOW Range Drinking Water Test Kit (LR) 0-5 ppm

Low Range Free Chorine test kit, This test kit comes with equipment especially designed for ..

£177.60 Ex Tax: £148.00

Potable Water (Drinking Water) Posters (set of 5)

Set of 5 posters to comply with  ILO, WHO 2011 3rd Edition Guide to Ship Sanitation, MLC2006, A..

£39.59 Ex Tax: £32.99

Shipsan for Spray Superchlorination - Spray Method 25 Litre Poly drum

SUPER-CHLORINATION SPRAY APPLICATION Shipsan® (25 Litres) for Potable Water Tanks, spray applicat..

£221.40 Ex Tax: £184.50

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