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  • Enzyme Descaling Effervescent Sachets Pack 25

Enzyme Descaling Effervescent Sachets For the descaling of uric scale for pipes and toilets. Aquamarine Enzyme Descaling Sachets will effectively treat pipes, which are under constant attack from uric acid scale.The effervescent sachets contain one dose which is recommended as a weekly maintenance dose. Dosage & Treatment Dose for treating scaled pipe-work and toilets: For fully scaled pipes the sachet should be applied daily for 2 weeks oruntil the scale has been completely broken down and has gone. This will depend on the thickness of the scale but aneffective result may be achieved ultimately. Dose for maintenance/prevention of scale build-up: 2 sachets per week,1. Place sachet into toilet bowl using gloves 2. Allow to dissolve and then brush around the toilet bowl3. Leave for a minimum of 20 minutes 4. Flush Contents 25 x 50g SachetsHealth & Safety: For MSDS please contact Bayer-Wood Technologies Limited

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Enzyme Descaling Effervescent Sachets Pack 25

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