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  • Enzyme Effluent Treatment Powder Sachets  "Penazyme" 400g  10 x 40g Sachets

Penazyme Enzyme Effluent Treatment Powder - Small Pack for boats  and caravans

Aquamarine Enzyme Effluent Treatment Powder keeps septic, holding tanks and pipes clean and odour free. It keeps the sewage plant fluid and operating at peak efficiency. A liquid solution needs to be made up for initial dose for treating effluent tanks. It eliminates toxic fumes and is the natural, environmental and easy way to deal with effluent waste. It will keep the pipes clear from the toilet to the tank working in conjunction with the Aquamarine Enzyme Toilet Cleaner product. 

The System will need an initial treatment of two sachets. Subsequently a maintenance dose of one sachet every three weeks is required to keep the enzymes working. Dosing is based on four people using the system thus dosing should be proportionally increased accordingly. The sachets should be applied by flushing down any lavatory, in a large system, dose down the toilet closest to the tank. This will dose any system up to 1.5 tonnes. Always keep a residual in the tank as a nutrient for the enzymes.


Pack Sizes:

10 x 40g sachets = (0.4kg) 


Fragrance: Lemon

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Enzyme Effluent Treatment Powder Sachets "Penazyme" 400g 10 x 40g Sachets

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