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  • Fuel Dipslide Test Kit

Fuel Dipslide Test Kit Contains 10 x Dipslides and instruction leaflet Bacterial testing of systems should take place on a weekly basis and when bunkering/fuelling. Incubate the dipslides for 24 hrs at 25-3O°C (see instructions in the kit boxes for variations on this dependent what bacteria is being tested for). Combination Dipslide for aerobic yeast & fungi (RBS) This is a basic test which identifies any contamination and the level of contamination. The dipslides can be incubated in an incubator which is available from Aquamarine, or for more indicative a warm environment will suffice for incubation, near a radiator or engine. More specific advice is available on this. Bacterial Contamination in Fuel Oil Systems - Background: Microbe MonitoringIn oil technology, microbes can be defined as comprising bacteria, yeasts and fungus. All these, when present, can attack additives in the oil and change them chemically so that they no longer function in the way intended and simultaneously there is a reduction in the quantity present. In addition to the chemicals present in the fuel oil, extra food can be provided by the addition of leakages of any fluids waste and water draining into the system. This additional food causes the microbes to multiply more quickly. Quick identification of the presence of bacteria will mean that the problem can be treated before mechanical breakdown occurs. When testing with dipslides in oil dip the slide into the water phase of the fuel oil or preferably the oil/water interphase. When testing ballast water or drinking water it should first be fully agitated or tested at the bottom and top of the tank. Aerobic: These exist mostly as small rods. They would almost certainly always be present in the bilges and easily cross contaminate to other systems, water fuel and oil. They are detected by the Aerobic Yeast & Fungi Dipslide. The colonies are easily seen. Yeast and Fungi: These are less common than bacteria, but are one hundred times larger than bacteria and, therefore, only 10,000 yeasts will attack the chemicals and as much as 1,000,000 bacteria. They are more resistant to biocide attack than bacteria and it is necessary that the biocide used in the oil will kill these as well as bacteria. Ease of use and a wide range of applications make the Aquamarine Dip Slide range the ideal quick solution to easy identifation of MBC. Disposal, use and background info is all found in the easy to use leaflet enclosed in the product box. Useful Information: The Key to clean fuel oil and systesms is Good House-keeping. Keep the bilges clean, sterilise your drinking water systems and tanks annually, Check the fuel regularly for bacteria, clean up oil spills and minimise the amount of water in your fuel. Treat fuel with Water Absorber and Fuel Combustion Catalyst Additive and this will keep the system and your engines in tip-top condition. Health and Safety Information:For full information or MSDS please contact Bayer-Wood Technologies Limited

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Fuel Dipslide Test Kit

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