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Boats IMO tank cleaning, test kits, lab testing, Bio-Products, Marine Cleaning and Maintenance products for grease trap, maintenance, bio-toilet & effluent plant products, uric scale removal and prevention

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DeckTeak Oil 500 ml

Boat and Marine Teak OilMarine Teak Oil for internal & external use:Replaces the natural sheen a..

£12.19 Ex Tax: £10.16

Drinking Water Test Kit (free-chlorine+pH) (regulation compliant)

Potable Water Test Kit to assist with the compliance of the current IHR (2005), ILO 178 (2009)&..

£108.00 Ex Tax: £90.00

Enzyme Descaling Effervescent Sachets Pack 25

Enzyme Descaling Effervescent Sachets For the descaling of uric scale for pipes and toilets. Aquamar..

£29.99 Ex Tax: £24.99

Enzyme Effluent Treatment Powder Sachets "Penazyme" 400g 10 x 40g Sachets

Penazyme Enzyme Effluent Treatment Powder - Small Pack for boats  and caravans Aquamarine En..

£16.00 Ex Tax: £13.33

Enzyme Effluent Treatment Powder Sachets 60 x 50g

Enzyme Effluent Treatment Powder Aquamarine Enzyme Effluent Treatment Powder keeps septic, holdin..

£70.60 Ex Tax: £58.83

Free Chlorine High Range Drinking Water Test Kit (HR) 0-250 ppm

High Range 0-250 ml Free Chorine, typically used for super-chlorination when drinking water tanks ar..

£177.60 Ex Tax: £148.00

Free Chlorine LOW Range Drinking Water Test Kit (LR) 0-5 ppm

Low Range Free Chorine test kit, This test kit comes with equipment especially designed for ..

£177.60 Ex Tax: £148.00

Fuel Biocide for Boats - Aquabac 80 - 250ml

Fuel Biocide for Boats Aquabac 80 is a concentrated marine biocide for the treatment of MBC. The tre..

£12.40 Ex Tax: £10.33

Fuel Dipslide Test Kit

Fuel Dipslide Test Kit Contains 10 x Dipslides and instruction leaflet Bacterial testing of systems ..

£16.50 Ex Tax: £13.75

Fuel Water AbsorberTreatment 250ml

Water Absorber Fuel Treatment Fully concentrated additive for the removal of condensation or contami..

£13.22 Ex Tax: £11.02

Galley Food Hygiene Poster

Poster to comply with current Food Safety Hygiene Directives associates with food hygiene including ..

£23.99 Ex Tax: £19.99

Marine Fuel Catalyst Combustion Improver Treatment 250ml

Marine Fuel Catalyst Combustion Improver Treatment Highly concentrated mixture of additives and low ..

£13.12 Ex Tax: £10.93

MBC Marine Fuel oil est Kit COMBO

MBC Fuel Test Kit COMBO - treats up to 5 tonnes Kit Contains:   10 Dipslides plus 250ml Fu..

£23.98 Ex Tax: £19.98

Mould Slime and Algae Cleaner 750 m

Marine and Boat - HARD SURFACES, decks, galleys, wooden seating areas, woodenand fibreglass areas wh..

£11.30 Ex Tax: £9.42

Natural MSC Multi Surface Spray Cleaner - the natural way! 750 ml

Natural MSC Multi Surface CleanerUnique biologically active liquid formulation containing specialise..

£14.48 Ex Tax: £12.07

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