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  • Marine Fuel Catalyst Combustion Improver Treatment 250ml

Marine Fuel Catalyst Combustion Improver Treatment Highly concentrated mixture of additives and low odour, high flash solvents which when mixed with fuel will reduce ash deposits, improve burning, help emulsify water and reduce smoke emission. Enhances engine performance and cost efficiency in through a cleaner burn of heavier fuel particles which are then successfully consumed during combustion in marine applications. Ignition temperature is lowered and so combustion improved. Thus existing sludge is removed and dispersed. Reduces acid corrosion by reducing sulphuric acid formation in the cooler parts of the engine. These include cylinder liners, valve stems, exhaust trunking and funnel uptakes. The lubricity additive in the product reduces engine wear. Engine and exhaust components are kept cleaner with less maintenance and cleaning required. Instructions for Use: In normal Use: 250 ml will dose 1500 litres. Dose directly into the fuel tank. MBC Contaminated fuels: If the fuel has a low-medium level of MBC (check using dipslides) then a dose of 500ml per 1500 litres is required. This willallow easy burning of the fuel. Use Aquabac 80 for heavy fuel contamination.   Pack size: 250 ml

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Marine Fuel Catalyst Combustion Improver Treatment 250ml

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