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  • Fuel Water AbsorberTreatment 250ml

Water Absorber Fuel Treatment Fully concentrated additive for the removal of condensation or contamination water fromfuel storage tanks which is a particular issue in a marine environment. May also be usedfor vehicle tanks with up to 1% water contamination. •Mixes easily with all fuels •Does not form gel deposits on contact with water•Will not affect engine performance •Rapid Action of the additive micronises the waterthus reducing its total capacity and allowing it to be burned off in the fuel • Compatible with all types of fuel • Improves engine performance and fuel efficiency To Use: First estimate the amount of water contamination, storage tanks are unlikely to have more than 1.0%, If possible drain off any larger volumes of water. Add the Marine Fuel Water Absorbent to remaining fuel and then mix or charge with new fuel. Water Absorber for marine fuel will absorb into the fuel up to its own weight in water, e.g. a 30,000 litre storage tank with 400ppm water contamination (12 litres) will need approximately the same amount of additive. Use of 250ml bottle to a standard fuel tank is usually sufficient and should be added prior torefuelling. Very high levels of water contamination should be drained off where possible. Pack Size: 250 ml (also available in 25 litre drums for commercial use) Health and Safety Information:For full information on Water Absorber or advice or MSDS please contact Bayer-Wood Technologies Limited

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Fuel Water AbsorberTreatment 250ml

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